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Rokoko Hair Company is a family business which prides itself on having over 20 years of experience. Established in 1999 in Warsaw, it has been thriving, driven by a passion passed on from generation to generation since the 1950s.

We started Rokoko activity with the opening of a hairdressing salon in Warsaw’s Praga district, which over time transformed into a modern hair SecondHair Clinic. Over the years, we have developed a nationwide distribution network, supplying even the most remote corners of our beautiful Poland, and opened our own 15 wig salons.

Rokoko salons are successfully operating in Warsaw, Wroclaw, Gdansk, Poznan, Cracow, Katowice, Lublin, Torun, Bydgoszcz, Olsztyn, Bialystok, Gliwice and Opole. They stock a total of several thousand models and colours of synthetic and natural hair wigs, as well as turbans, hair care products and wig accessories. In addition, Rokoko also offers hair masking and anti-hair loss products as well as a wide range of breast prostheses and underwear for Amazons.

Rokoko Hair Company is the author of several well-known synthetic wig collections, including Delicious Hair, Hair Diamonds, Hair2Be and BU Hair. In response to our Clients’ needs, we have also created a high-class collection of Queen of Nature wigs created using natural, unmodified Slavic hair of the highest quality. Additionally, the offer is complemented by our own turban collections: Flower, Premium and City.

Today, Rokoko is the biggest wig wholesaler in Poland and has been the general distributor of the Ellen Wille brand for over 10 years.

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Our product portfolio includes:

  • human hair wigs
  • synthetic hair wigs
  • system wigs
  • medical wigs for women and men
  • hair systems
  • toupees, toppers and hair pieces
  • turbans and caps
  • wig accessories and cosmetics
  • hair thickening
  • hair extensions
  • hair thinning masking
  • hair growth preparations
  • breast prosteses, bras and swimsuits for amazons
  • treatments for hair and scalp diseases
  • regular and wig hairdressing


Among all the wigs available, Rokoko Hair Company offers modern solutions tailored to the Client’s needs and comfort.

A popular choice is, for example, microskin, which provides an exceptionally natural look by ensuring that the skin is transparent above the forehead, on the parting line or on the so-called cowlick. A group of wigs handmade on tulle is recommended for people with particularly sensitive skin, for example during anti-cancer therapy. Hidden knots and delicate material do not press or irritate the skin allowing full freedom of action in everyday life. Every medical wig offered in our salons is anti-allergenic and designed to grip your head well all day long. Regardless of the base, length and hair type it allows you to perform all your daily activities in complete confidence and comfort.

As a company, Rokoko is keen to share its experience and knowledge and is happy to help those who need it most. We actively cooperate with many NGOs and take part in campaigns and events aimed at supporting people suffering from cancer.

In the “Daj Głos” (Donate Your Hair) campaign organised by the Rak’n’Roll Foundation, we used hair donated by volunteers to produce a series of wigs made of natural hair, which was given to women with oncological diseases and in a difficult financial situation.

We participate in the Polish edition of the international “Look Good - Feel Better” campaign, as part of which we organise workshops with patients in oncology hospitals. Our volunteers present the possibilities offered by wigs and turbans, helping sick women realise that they can be beautiful at all times.



Hair clinic - SecondHair Clinic

In order to enrich our offer and provide customized solutions to people who are struggling with the problem of thinning hair or hair loss, we created a separate branch of our business. It is the Hair clinic – SecondHair Clinic.

We are proud of the fact that, in our clinic, we created for you the offer of the most modern examinations, i.e. trichology examination of scalp, hair or its follicle, elemental hair analysis, innovative treatments, i.e mesoporation, spires laser, scalp micropigmentation and individual consulations, which aim not only at identifying the reasons why hair is not beautiful, thick and healthy, but they are focused mainly on making hair to be what it used to be.

We will choose a treatment program for your individual needs with pleasure or we will propose innovative solutions for hair loss and balding.

We are also proud of the fact that our offer includes innovative, non-surgical method of hair replenishment – SecondHair Systems®,which is completely safe and painless. There are no age and health restrictions, it is perfect for women, men and children. It can be complementary to all losses regardless of the type of hair loss.

Check it out yourself and the effect will exceed your wildest expectations.

Thanks to SecondHair Systems® you will feel at ease in any situation, and your new hair will allow you to enjoy life as you used to do. More information available on: secondhair.pl

Additionally, painless, non-surgical lengthening and thickening without leaving home is possible thanks to our website Hair Again


We are also pleased and honoured to cooperate with:

Fundacja Rak'n'Roll

Stowarzyszenie Pomocy Chorym Onkologicznie
Różowe okulary

Ogólnopolska organizacja
Kwiat Kobiecości

Polskie Amazonki Ruch Społeczny

Fundacja Dzieciom
Zdążyć z Pomocą

Fundacja Gajusz
Samotność nie jest dla dzieci

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