Hair thickening and extensions

Let yourself be seduced by a beautiful hairstyle!

Hair has been an integral part of human image for centuries. Even nowadays, when our appearance can be modified by means of various methods (outfits, make-up, and even aesthetic medicine procedures), hairstyle invariably remains an important distinguishing mark of each of us. A person’s distinguishing feature in the form of a hairstyle says a lot about its owner.

The condition of hair can indicate a person’s state of health, their knowledge of hair care techniques, the level of supplementation used (or neglected) or the overall level of care for their appearance. The quality of your hair may also indicate the amount of stress in your life. The amount of hair loss may also be influenced by factors which are difficult to change, e.g. genetic predispositions, hormonal balance, diseases, pharmacotherapy or contraceptive use. The factors responsible for the state of our head are really numerous. So numerous, in fact, that taking care of all the elements is virtually impossible.

No wonder that many people struggling with thinning hair choose to mask the loss instead of troublesome, expensive and time-consuming prevention. Today’s market offers a veritable plethora of ways to thicken and extend hair. Natural hair extensions are relatively inexpensive, easy to apply, widely available and, most importantly, effective! It is no wonder that more and more people who look with concern in the mirror turn to hair extensions, which are attached to the original hair strands in several ways.

Hair thickening and extensions
Hair thickening and extensions
Hair extensions
Hair extensions

Hair extensions and hair thickening made easy as never before

Are you also noticing more and more hair on your hairbrush or pillow? Don’t worry! Hair loss is a natural process, resulting from the successive life stages of hair (anagen - catagen - telogen). New hair grows in place of old hair.

The problem starts when the number of losing hairs exceeds the number of new ones. The result is thinning of the hair and a visual decrease in hair volume. The hairstyle which was once full of gusto and attracted envious stares, may now be just a substitute for its former glory. In such a situation, you should not look passively in the mirror. Instead of wringing your hands, act and rely on the methods of thickening and extending the hair recommended by specialists, and there is a lot to choose from!

We offer our Clients the best quality natural hair. Those who want to restore the former shine to their locks can use various methods to improve the volume of their hair. On our website you will find methods for hair thickening and extensions proven by thousands of women. The offer includes hair extension types: Clip in, Keratin Flat Tip, Keratin I Tip, Micro Ring, Nano Ring and Tape in ("sandwiches"). Each of them differs in the method of attachment and invasiveness to the natural hair. Which one will be the best in your case? This is the question to ask our consultants, who will be happy to share their knowledge and experience in selecting the extensions.

Ways to modern hair thickening and lengthening

Over twenty years on the market of trichological products obliges. During this time, we have helped thousands of Polish women struggling with hair loss, gaining the trust of Clients all over the country. Thanks to our innovative methods of hair thickening and lengthening, many people can look in the mirror with pride, enjoying the shine, dream length and impressive volume of their locks. Join their ranks and get a hairstyle you could only dream of.

Check out our wide selection of reasonably priced hair extensions and let yourself be tempted by blonde waves, chestnut curls or strands of raven black straight hair. The proposed hair thickening and extensions have a long-lasting effect, can be applied by yourself and look very natural, so that hardly anyone will be able to tell the difference between them and your real hair.

Our offer is addressed both to professionals (hair salons) and people who want to improve the parameters of their hairstyle on their own, at home. Check out our offer, choose the type of hair extensions and bring your hairstyle into the renaissance era.

Hair thickening and extensions

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