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Rokoko Hair Company is a world-class manufacturer and distributor of wigs, turbans and cosmetics, and our products are present not only on the Polish market, but also abroad. All Rokoko wigs are certified as medical wigs and can be worn daily even if you have a very sensitive skin. Synthetic wigs for ladies are offered in a large number of cuts and colours, while gentlemen will find male toupees for themselves. Particularly noteworthy are the natural wigs and toppers, in which virgin Slavic hair is leading the way – unmodified, in completely natural colours and with the hair cuticle preserved.

Rokoko Hair Company collections available:

  • Beaute de Femme la Vie – short synthetic hair wigs on wefted caps
  • Hair Diamonds – synthetic hair wigs on tulle bases
  • Hair2Be – large collection of synthetic hair wigs
  • Delicious Hair – women’s synthetic wigs
  • B.U. Hair – women’s hairstyles made of synthetic hair
  • Queen of Nature – human hair wigs and toppers made of Slavic hair
  • Hair Hero – men’s toupees made of natural hair
  • Bloom Hair - stylish synthetic wigs and classic hairstyles

What is more, Rokoko Hair Company is not only a wholesaler of wigs, wholesale cooperation in the field of individual customized products is also possible.

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Ellen Wille wigs

In addition to manufacturing activities, Rokoko Hair Company is also the general distributor of Ellen Wille wigs in Poland. The collections on offer include:

  • synthetic hair wigs Ellen Wille: Hairpower, Hair Society, Perucci, Changes, Elements, Raquel Welch
  • natural hair wigs: Pure Power, PurEurope, Prime Power (mixed hair collection)
  • hairpieces and toppers: Top Power, Power Pieces
  • wigs for men: HairForMANce, HairMania
  • wigs for kids: Power Kids
Ellen Wille
Turbans and headscarves

Turbans and headscarves

Apart from a wide selection of medical wigs, Rokoko Hair Company’s offer includes turbans after chemotherapy – comfortable, delicate and safe because they are made of Oeko-Tex certified materials. Four collections include turbans, headscarves, peaks and sleeping caps:

  • Flower
  • City
  • Premium
  • Bamboo Islands
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Hair thickening

Rokoko Hair Company acts as a wholesaler of wigs, but being an expert on hair loss it also distributes preparations that mask thinning, densify, thicken thin hair, stop hair loss and stimulate hair growth:

  • Toppik – American microfibres and cosmetics
  • Lion’s Hair – keratin fibres in two versions
  • HIT! – effective cosmetics for hair loss
Zagęszczanie włosów

Before and After using Toppik product

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Wig cosmetics and accessories

Since the care of wigs worn every day is very important, Rokoko Hair Company offers many complementary products such as wig accessories and cosmetics:

  • wig and toupee stands
  • display heads
  • wig brushes and combs
  • wig warmers and wig caps
  • cosmetics for synthetic wigs
  • cosmetics for natural wigs
  • wig clips
  • adhesives and fixing tapes (very wide range)
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