Medical wigs

High quality certified synthetic wigs and human hair wigs

Medical synthetic wigs

Medical wigs

Rokoko Hair Company, owner of Hair Partners and Rokoko chains of shops, has been making men and women happy by creating “new” hair for many years.

We help them regain their self-confidence and enable them to change their appearance in the most natural way possible by using modern wigs. We offer both medical wigs made of natural hair as well as synthetic wigs.

Thanks to the high quality of our medical wigs women become alluring blondes, intriguing auburn-haired ladies or sensual brunettes in the blink of an eye. In an instant, they can enjoy long, straight hair or try out a short, extravagant hairstyle.

Everyone will find something for themselves here: we offer the largest selection of wigs in Poland - over 5,000 different cuts and colours.

In our portfolio we also have interesting proposals for gentlemen, like synthetic wigs and toupées.

Ellen Wille Rokoko

Our Company is the biggest manufacturer and distributor - wholesaler of medical wigs within Poland. We are the General Representative of global Ellen Wille brands: Raquel Welch, Perucci, Hairformance, Hair Society, Hairpower, Pure Power, PurEurope. We cooperate with the best!

Quality is of paramount importance to us

Ellen Wille wig distribution

As a general distributor of Ellen Wille medical wigs, we invite you to contact our sales representatives and visit our wig salons to see the range of natural and synthetic wigs from this company.

Ellen Wille created many elements of today’s wig image back in the 1980s. A specialist wig shop in the centre of Frankfurt has developed into a global brand which is one of the best recognised in the world.

Ellen Wille products have patented synthetic fibres that provide a natural and healthy shine and are visually indistinguishable from your own hair. Styling and care of the products is very simple. The curl of the hair is deep within its structure, so that the hairstyle always fits perfectly and is very easy to style with your hands. Beautiful out-of-the-ordinary styles and brilliant colours are the pure beauty ‘by Ellen Wille’.


Rokoko synthetic wig collections

Hair Diamonds, Delicious Hair, Hair2Be, BU Hair, Beaute de Femme la Vie, Bloom Hair - our own wig collections that we have been able to create through many years of experience.

The bases of many models within the collection have a lace front or monofilament (otherwise known as microskin). These elements make it possible to see the transparency of real skin underneath the hair, which ensures a natural visual effect and mental ease for the wearer.

Rokoko medical synthetic wigs are also quick and easy to style and easy to care for.

Natural medical wig collections


Our products represent the highest quality in the world of medical wigs. Check out the Queen of Nature collection which was created from the highest quality Slavic hair!

refundacja nfz

Reimbursement from the NFZ - In our shops, your request addressed to the National Health Fund for wigs and breast prostheses will be honoured.

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