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Rokoko Hair Company’s offer consists mainly of natural and synthetic medical wigs, but we do not forget about all those who wish to dramatically change their hairstyle once in a while to celebrate a special occasion. Party wigs for special occasions, that is, special occasion wigs, are inexpensive wigs that allow for a quick one-time hairstyle change for New Year’s Eve, a wedding, a date or any other occasion. These can be both subdued hairstyles in natural colours, as well as completely unusual hairstyles in crazy colours: green, yellow, orange, purple or blue.

Do you want to look colorful and beautiful?
See our offer of the occasional wigs.

Special occasion wigs are made of synthetic hair and are intended for use only from time to time. Such models are used among others as cosplay wigs, because they are the only ones that allow you to look like your favourite pop culture character.


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