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Are you worried about hair loss? Do you suffer from balding? We can help you!

We are presenting a revolutionary method of hair supplement , which is an alternative for hair transplantation.

What is it?

This is a safe, painless and effective method. It is used successfully all over the world, and it has recently appeared also in Poland.

SecondHair Systems ® is a non-surgical method of hair replenishment , using the latest technologies and achievements of researchers from around the world, among others: United States, Canada and Japan. It guarantees a wonderful effect- natural hairstyle without the scalpel and risky treatments. Safety is ensured by the hypoallergenic products, the highest quality materials and professional staff with many years of experience in the industry.


For whom?

SecondHair Systems ® is a method recommended to all those who are not satisfied with their hair. Both those who have lost them as a result of the typical androgenic alopecia or due to disease, trauma, burns, chemotherapy and radiation, as well as those with rare or too thin hair.

Check it out yourself and the effect will exceed your wildest expectations. The following are the examples of the metamorphoses of people who trusted our method of SecondHair Systems..

Forget about standard wigs, toupees and painful, often ineffective transplantations. Bet on a modern and reliable method of SecondHair Systems ®, your problems with hair will be over. Thanks to SecondHair Systems ® you will feel at ease in any situation. It is the end of the nervous glancing at the mirror and checking if everything is ok. Your new hair will allow you to enjoy life as it used to be. You can sleep, swim, run around … you can just do what you want to do while wearing them.

The method is completely painless, non-sensitizing, it does not cause any side effects. The biggest advantage is efficiency. Unlike the wigs or transplantation, this method ensures natural effect – it deceptively looks like your real hair. Would you like to look attractive for yourself and for the others? Come to us. We guarantee you comfort and efficiency at a reasonable price.


We invite for consultations to Hair Clinic -SecondHair Clinic, which is situated in Warsaw and to the consultative points of SecondHair Systems in Krakow, Wroclaw and Gdansk.

More information on To schedule a consulting meeting, please contact us: + 48 22 871 94 25

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SecondHair Clinic SecondHair Systems® - New, beautiful hair without pain and scalpel. Non-surgical method of hair additions for women, men and children.


As a company Rokoko we had a great honor to meet and invite to cooperation Mrs. Magdalena Prokopowicz – President of the Foundation Rak & Roll. Moreover, we are proud that Mrs. Magdalena relies on us and our innovative method of hair replenishment. Below there are the results of our cooperation.

Mrs. Magdalena, who supported people affected by the disease in a very active way , has proven that all the time, despite serious illness, you can emanate positive energy and look beautiful.

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