We are the manufacturer and the largest distributor of medical wigs in Poland.

Our wigs are CE certified.
We offer a range of over 5,000 different styles and colors, not only for women but also for men.

There are available the following collections of wigs created by Rokoko:

  • Beaute de Femme – synthetic hair wigs
  • Hair Secret – synthetic hair wigs
  • Hair2Be – synthetic hair wigs
  • Queen of Nature– wigs and standard partial supplements made of natural Slavic hair
  • Beaute de Femme Turbans – collection of turbans

The are also the following collections available for sale:

  • Ellen Wille Hair Power
  • Raquel Welch for Ellen Wille
  • Ellen Wille Perucci
  • Ellen Wille Hair Society
  • Ellen Wille Pure! Power
  • Ellen Wille HairMania
  • Annica Hansen powered by Ellen Wille
  • NJ Creation
  • Follea
  • hair wefts
  • turbans
  • cosmetics
  • tapes, adhesives and mounting accessories

We also offer wholesale co-operation in the field of individual orders.

We are the General Representative of the global wigs brands i.e .: Ellen Wille, Raquel Welch, Follea, NJ Creation Paris and many other wigs companies.

Ellen Wile

The offer by Ellen Wile includes the following collections of wigs available for sale:

  • Hair Secret– synthetic hair wigs
  • Hair Secret– synthetic hair wigs
  • Perucci – synthetic hair wigs
  • Raquel Welch – Urban Style– synthetic and natural hair wigs
  • Pure! Power– natural hair wigs
  • Hair Mania – a collection of wigs for men

Follea - European hair wigs

The dossier of Follea consists of the following collections available for sale:

  • Aero 2 – natural hair wigs
  • Lifestyle 2 – natural hair wigs
  • Power – natural hair wigs

Turbans and headscarves

We also offer the following collections: Beaute de Femme and Latifa with a variety of turbans, warmers and other headgears, being the alternative to wigs.


Before and After using the product, Toppik

Hair thickening

We also distribute preparations for hair thickening, hiding thinning, thickening thin hair, stopping hair loss and stimulating the growth produced by the following companies:

Toppik, SpeLa707, Couvre, Fullmore , Megathik, Surethik, Toppek i Fatener.


We also offer a wide range of accessories related to the use and care of wigs, ie.:

  • wigs stands
  • wigs heads
  • wigs brushes
  • wigs shampoos
  • wigs lotions
  • antistatic fluids for wigs
  • plasters and tapes for fixing wigs (very wide range)
  • wig clips
  • mesh wig
  • warmers
  • etc.